We are experts in the sale and acquisition of players, and have been responsible for countless transfers across every continent and every major footballing country.  The SPOCS team is highly professional and highly experienced.  Our network is global.  Our relationships with clubs are excellent. We know the decision makers at all the top teams in Europe, but also retain strong relationships with smaller teams in smaller leagues.

In addition to the leading European markets, we have developed our network in emerging markets, including the MLS, South America, the Middle East, India and China. Our reputation amongst the clubs is excellent, and we are always welcome to present new players.

We have an experienced legal team with English, German and Swiss qualified lawyers and FIFA Masters.  This is crucial when it comes to reviewing football related contracts (both playing and commercial).  Provided he is of the requisite standard, we have the capability to bring any player to any club in the world.  We assist clubs, players and other agents in transferring players. We provide a professional and trustworthy service: B2B and B2C.